A True Sense of Place

Every detail of our residential community pays homage to the treasured history and cultural significance of Wrightsville Sound. Building upon Airlie’s traditions, values, and assets, our neighborhood is designed to promote health and happiness, help cultivate new relationships and improve your wellbeing.

Natural Landscape

The language of the lowcountry is written in every tree-lined street, planted oak, and manicured lawn that graces the Airlie property. Our aesthetic is natural and relaxed, yet meticulously maintained.


Parks & Open Spaces

Airlie at Wrightsville Sound offers its residents distinct private parks, each with unique amenities. These parks and open spaces contribute to the natural design of the property and facilitate organic interactions with neighbors.



Lowcountry Architecture

Often associated with Charleston homes of yore, lowcountry architecture is found throughout many Southeastern cities and coastal communities. Born from a need to facilitate airflow in humid weather, the style features wide porches, raised foundations and ample windows to take advantage of cool breezes.


Traditionally Modern

Airlie at Wrightsville Sound pays tribute to the past, but its appeal lies in its ability to meld gracefully with 21st century life. Our modern interpretation of historic architecture is evident throughout the neighborhood creating a timelessly elegant effect.