Prepare to be Captivated

As your turn off the Scenic Byway, you’ll pass authentic split-rail fence and live oaks meticulously positioned so that their branches envelop the road’s edges. You’ll pass seasonal plants in a riot of colors, carefully laid herringbone brick sidewalks and a cobblestone entrance. And then, you’ll arrive at a place unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Beautiful Streetscapes Await

A community designed for cars and traffic will attract cars and traffic. A community designed for people and places will attract friends, family, and homes that make connections and contentment a priority. Pedestrian access to parks, retail, restaurants, and vibrant outdoor spaces are all part of your everyday loop. Meanwhile, walkabout yet private streets give you the sense that your home address is an elegant, secluded enclave on a property bustling with activities and amenities.

Materials and Plant Palettes


An effective complement to the natural landscape, materials that celebrate lowcountry style also pay tribute to the history of Wrighstville Sound.

  • Herringbone brick sidewalks
  • Cobblestone pavers
  • Pervious pavers in alleys
Design Features

Every detail has been considered. Carefully selected light fixtures illuminate tree-lined streets, specially fabricated water systems allow for elegant stormwater discharge, and subtle fencing lends a heritage feel to the community threshold.

  • Split-rail fence
  • Street lanterns and low-voltage lighting
  • State-of-the-art stormwater management

Trees provide shade for pedestrians while also creating a dynamic scale for beautiful canopies overhead. A well-chosen variety of forms and colors lends natural cohesion to the streetscapes.

  • Live oak
  • Cherry tree
  • Hollies

In addition to the many trees that shade Airlie’s streets, an array of shrubs and groundcover florals dot the landscape, giving color and additional visual interest to the manicured landscape.

  • Liriope
  • Annuals


Find your Dream Homesite

Airlie at Wrightsville Sound raises architectural standards by encouraging residents to seek out distinctive designs united by a strong lowcountry influence. Each homesite offers a unique view and orientation, thereby allowing for a wonderful diversity of homes and personal taste.