Additional Information

Our resource library is here if you have any question about the principles that guide our architectural, landscaping, and community design. Download the content featured below to expand your understanding of the master plan that will shape Airlie at Wrightsville Sound.

Vision Book

Intended to supplement our design guidelines, the Airlie at Wrightsville Sound Vision Book conveys the origin of our design intent and the placemaking vision our property aspires to achieve.


Read our brochure for an introduction to our property vision, amenities, and architecture style. This brochure also includes a detailed printout of our site map.

Site Map

Use this bird’s eye view of our home sites, parks, travelways, and landscaping to find the perfect location for your next home.
Design Guidelines

Attention to detail – both in the articulation and architectural style – is what sets Airlie at Wrightsville Sound apart from other neighborhoods. To ensure consistent architectural and landscape standards, we established comprehensive design guidelines to allow for creativity and variety while ensuring aesthetic cohesion between homes.

Homeowners Association

Our Homeowners’ Association is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the character and quality of our community. For more information on the Homeowners’ Association, including bylaws, covenants, conditions, and restrictions, please contact us.

Builders, Architects & Vendors

We’ve contacted and vetted area specialists to create a shortlist of Preferred Builders, Preferred Architects, and Preferred Vendors. Work with these exceptional professionals to make your dream home a reality.